Telling your story.

Building your brand.

We believe in what we do and we work with some pretty amazing people and organizations.


You have a story that needs to be told and a brand to build. Your brand is your reputation and it has to be recognizable, trusted and effective.


Even the world's biggest brands started small. Let's get working on building yours.



Rob Minard

Rob has spent 21 years in the business of issue advocacy, campaign management, public relations and field organizing. He recently served as Chief of Staff, overseeing a 400-employee workforce and $70 million operating budget in the Michigan House of Representatives. 

Anné Minard

For more than 10 years, Anné has held leadership roles in corporate management, legislative affairs and campaign finance. In the last election cycle, she led fundraising efforts for candidates and political action committees on the state and federal level, while setting numerous fundraising records.

Have a goal? We'll help you get there. Got a problem? We'll fix it. Getting into a fight? We'll position you to win.


We are creative practitioners who fuse street smarts with a passion for new ideas. We sweat the details and we work hard to come up with unique solutions.


There are no cookie cutters here. No smoke and mirrors. No big talk. Just solid results that make our people happy.


We're Victor Strategies LLC and we pride ourselves on being different, creative and tenacious. Now let's get to work.




The best candidate doesn't always win but the best campaign almost never loses. We believe in doing everything it takes to win and doing it well (and legally). Over the last decade, our win record at the ballot box is more than 90%.


There are only two things that matter to a campaign: money and everything else. We know where to find it and how to get it, and have raised tens of millions of dollars for our clients to help them get on the playing field to compete

and win.


You won't make an impact if you don't have a seat at the decision-making table. We have the relationships and access that's needed to build coalitions and influence the process. 


In politics, the only thing worse than being wrong is being boring. Words matter and how you say something and how you make people feel makes all the difference.



We plan the work.

Then we work the plan. 


Anyone can put words and ink on paper. We produce better mail that cuts through the clutter, persuades and wins hearts and minds.


Move over TV and mail. Digital advertising is now king. Any serious organization needs a serious digital plan and budget to maximize their reach with target audiences.


Don't settle for crappy design. Style matters and tells people a lot about you and your credibility. We create custom designs that catch the eye and builds a brand.



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