Telling your story. Building your brand.



We believe in what we do and we work with some pretty amazing people and organizations.


You have a story that needs to be told and a brand to build. Your brand is your reputation and it has to be recognizable, trusted and effective.


Even the world's biggest brands started small. Let's get working on building yours.



Anné Minard

Managing Director

Have a goal? We'll help you get there. Got a problem? We'll fix it. Getting into a fight? We'll position you to win.


We are creative practitioners who fuse street smarts with a passion for new ideas. We sweat the details and we work hard to come up with unique solutions.


There are no cookie cutters here. No smoke and mirrors. No big talk. Just solid results that make our people happy.


We're Victor Strategies LLC and we pride ourselves on being different, creative and tenacious. Now let's get to work.



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